About Us

The growth in autonomous vehicle technology development and deployment are approaching exponential growth curves. Many of the actual roots for autonomous control systems reside in Illinois and Wisconsin where leading edge firms have been putting autonomous vehicle platforms on the ground for more than 20 years. These technological capabilities have the potential to disrupt existing industries & practices such as vehicle insurance, computational technologies, transportation regulatory entities and urban land use planning. Disruption often brings mixed connotations, as any significant change can be challenging. One goal of the AUVSI Heartland chapter will be for member entities to see the positive opportunities brought about by these technical leaps forward.

Just as with the vehicle technologies, many of the leading organizations from within these various sectors can also be found within the states of Illinois and Wisconsin. This chapter was formed in order to bring more such organizations into the AUVSI network. It will also seek to re-engage and retain past members who may have let their membership lapse. Creating a local chapter will create an environment for growth in: collaboration, educational activities, technology development, cross sector partnerships. The singular goal of all such activities will be the accelerated deployment of autonomous vehicle technologies: land, marine, air.

As the leading not-for-profit international trade association dedicated to the deployment of autonomous vehicles, AUVSI will continue to also be the leading organization bridging public and private sectors. The states of Illinois and Wisconsin contain business, regulatory, and educational communities filled with potential mutual benefits as participating members of this local chapter. For example, members will be recruited from: the exploding entrepreneurial sectors in Chicago and Milwaukee; private equity firms in both cities; leading universities found throughout both states; existing leaders in the fields of insurance. The launch of this chapter includes a significant outreach effort to these communities of practice. The result will be both an expanded footprint for AUVSI and a collaborative localized community dedicated to the accelerated deployment of these life-saving, more environmentally friendly, technologies.